7 Mentoring Conversations for Leaders

This mentoring program is designed for Leaders to pass on their leadership to the next generation. It is based on 7 conversations facilitated by Mentors (Leaders) to grow their followers (Mentees) into Super Stars. This program has a practical basis and is designed to give the Leader the necessary mentoring and coaching tools to conduct the 7 most relevant mentoring conversations. With these 7 conversations the Mentor guides the Protégé in clarifying values, identifying roles, getting 360 feedback, defining contributions and passions, and writing a purpose statement.


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Development Content

Mentoring conversation 1: Start your mentoring
Mentoring conversation 2: Value Clarification
Mentoring conversation 3: Role Clarification
Mentoring conversation 4: 360 Feedback
Mentoring conversation 5: Contributions
Mentoring Conversation 6: Passions
Mentoring conversation 7: Purpose statement
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Development Includes

  • 11 Tools
  • Development Certificate

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