This team exercise is facilitated to help people get to know one another better or to break the ice at the beginning of a team building session.


You need some space in a room for this experiential learning exercise.

  • Step 1: The facilitator introduces this exercise by telling people that they are going to do an icebreaker.
  • Step 2: The facilitator then gives everyone a number. The first person gets the number 1, the second person the number 2, the third person the number 1 again, the fourth person the number 2 again, and so on. Everyone is either a number 1 or a number 2.
  • Step 3: The facilitator then stands in the middle of the space where this exercise is taking place and asks all the number ones to form a circle around her and stand shoulder to shoulder. She then asks them to turn and face outside.
  • Step 4: The facilitator then invites all the number twos to come and stand opposite a number one in the already formed circle. All the number ones and twos face one another now in a circle format. One number 1 standing opposite one number 2.
  • Step 5: The facilitator introduces the process to the people with these words, “I am going to read an incomplete sentence that you can complete just as you want. Number ones complete the sentence first to the number twos in the outside circle. Then the number twos complete the sentence to the number ones in the inside circle”.
  • Step 6: The facilitator reads the first incomplete sentence and waits for the people to complete the sentence to one another.
  • Step 7: The facilitator then gives this instruction, “Will the outside circle please move one person to your right”. Everyone in the 2 circles will now face someone else.
  • Step 8: The facilitator reads the second incomplete sentence and waits for everyone to complete the next sentence.

The outside circle move after every completed sentence one person to the right until everyone of the outside circle has completed a sentence to everyone in the inside circle and visa versa.

Coaching Tool

To view the coaching tool, click the button below. On the slideshow swipe left to go to the next incomplete sentence.

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