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In this online coaching program, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the DISC personality model and how it can be used to assess your unique personality traits.

Experienced Program Director

The course is led by Nico Liebenberg, who has a background in psychology and coaching. His expertise and guidance can help you get the most out of the course and apply what you learn to your life.

Improved Communication

The DISC model is widely used in the business world to help people understand their communication style and how to interact more effectively with others. By learning about your own communication style and those of others, you'll be able to improve your communication skills and build stronger relationships.


This is an online course, so you can take it from anywhere at any time. This flexibility allows you to fit the course into your schedule and learn at your own pace.


By taking this course, you'll gain a better understanding of your personality traits and how they affect your behavior, communication style, and decision-making. This increased self-awareness can help you make more informed choices in your personal and professional life.

Personal Growth

Through this course, you'll learn strategies to maximize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, which can help you achieve personal growth and development. You'll also gain insights into how to manage your emotions and behavior in various situations.

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Online Videos

8 Engaging, high-quality videos.

Through a series of engaging video lessons, Nico Liebenberg (MA Psychology) will coach you to discover your own DISC profile and learn about your specific strengths and weaknesses. You'll explore how your personality affects your behavior, communication style, and decision-making, and learn strategies to maximize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

1 Master class 1
2 Master class 2
3 Master class 3
4 Master class 4
Master class 1

Understanding the DISC®

  • DISC® overview.
Understanding the DISC®
Master class 2

Understanding Yourself

  • DISC®: Self-perceptions and other people’s perceptions.
Understanding Yourself
Master class 3

Descriptive Words

  • How is your personality described?
Descriptive Words
Master class 4

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality?
Strengths and Weaknesses

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  • 11 Life coaching videos on the DISC®
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