God’s grace

Hey there, let me tell you something about our God.

He is a God of grace, which means he extends undeserved favor to us. It’s a profound truth that we need to be reminded of. No matter what we do, we can never earn this grace. It’s a gift that comes from the kindness of his heart, given to us whether we deserve it or not.

The crazy thing is, God can even use the bad things in our lives to work for our good.

I’m not saying that everything that happens to us was planned by God, but he can take any situation and use it to extend his kingdom. And if we love him, he promises that everything will work out well for us.

No matter what we’re going through, God’s grace is always sufficient. He gives enough grace to the poor man to trust him for bread today and to the rich man with a disabled daughter to trust him for her healing. And it doesn’t matter what our circumstances are, his grace is always enough.

But let me tell you, God’s grace isn’t just a concept, it’s a reflection of his character.

He is the kindest person we will ever meet, gentle and aware of our limitations. He pours his grace into us, extending his hand of love and mercy. And when we mess up, his grace covers our sins if we ask for forgiveness. His grace is so powerful that it can restore us to our initial position in him, to be seated at his right hand. That’s how much he loves us.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you don’t measure up, remember that God’s grace is there for you.

You don’t have to earn it, just take his hand and let him extend his kindness to you.

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