Leaders and the 8 ages of man: 12

As a leader at home, it is important to resist the temptation to always take things out of your children’s hands when they struggle with something new.

While it may be difficult to watch them struggle, it is crucial to allow them the space to wrestle with mastering something new. When you step in too quickly and take over, you rob those around you of the opportunity to try and master it themselves.

I urge you to consider toning down this impatience and desire for control, as it can limit the growth and development of those you lead.

To truly multiply your leadership impact, you must be willing to let go of certain things that you might do instinctively. You must be open to discovering your own blind spots and letting go of any tendencies toward impatience and control. This does not mean abdicating your responsibilities as a leader, but rather focusing on developing the initiative in your people and contributing to their growth.

Being a leader is a sacrificial endeavor.

If you are not willing to make sacrifices, you do not qualify as a leader, even if you hold the title of CEO. As a leader, your guidance is always important, as guiding, coaching, and mentoring is a fundamental part of your role. You must show and demonstrate the way, and be an example to those you lead.

However, you must also be brave and start to trust your people when they show promise. Create a space for them to take initiative and venture out on their own. This will give them the opportunity to discover that they too can contribute and make a difference.

The more people are allowed to contribute, the more engaged and invested they will become. For many, this will be a beautiful process of self-discovery and growth, where they can truly blossom.

So, as a leader, trust your people and allow them the space to develop and contribute in their own unique ways.

So, as a question to ponder, in what stage of human development are you?

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