Leaders and the 8 ages of man: 7

Shame and guilt are emotions that stem from a sense of unworthiness, where one may feel inadequate or not good enough to handle certain tasks or situations.

These feelings can prevent individuals from confidently pursuing opportunities that they are otherwise capable of. As a leader, it is important to recognize that some members of your team may be burdened by shame or guilt due to their upbringing.

As such, it is within your power to help them move beyond these negative emotions.

If you struggle with shame or guilt yourself, take heart in knowing that it is possible to develop autonomy and trust in your own abilities. By extending grace to yourself and others, you can shift the paradigm towards greater self-reliance and independence.

The core message of autonomy is “I can!”, and as a leader, it is important to encourage your team members to embrace this mindset.

When team members express a desire to take on greater responsibility and autonomy, it is important to give them the space to do so. While keeping an eye on their progress, avoid snuffing out their attempts just because their methods differ from your own.

Remember that there are many paths to achieving a goal, and it is important to support your team members as they explore, discover, and try new things. For individuals who may lack self-confidence, you as a leader can play a pivotal role in helping them cross the bridge towards greater autonomy and self-reliance.

So, as a question to ponder, in what stage of human development are you?

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