Leaders persevere relentlessly

Perseverance and longsuffering are inherently intertwined, as it is an arduous task to endure and persist through suffering.

Nevertheless, the ability to persevere through great trials is a feat that is near impossible to achieve. Initially, perseverance may seem difficult, but as one progresses through it, the experience becomes liberating as one undergoes the refining process of God’s work within them.

Perseverance is a journey of its own, where the onset of suffering often leads to an initial denial and rejection of the situation at hand. It is only when one is unable to escape the suffering that they begin to crumble under its weight. However, God’s grace sustains us, and He guides us through the darkness to fulfill His promise that nothing can pluck us from His hand.

Perseverance also instills patience within us as we come to know Jesus as both the Lamb and the Lion. Our understanding of God is transformed as we experience perseverance. We may begin to question why we must endure such hardship, but the process of perseverance develops over time character.

This character forms the foundation on which God rests His dreams for our lives. If He desires to fulfill His grand plans for us, the foundation must be deep, and digging such a foundation takes time, especially if the building above ground is high.

As we continue to persevere, hope arises, and we keep it alive for ourselves and others. Through our relentless faith, Christ is seen by those who follow us, and the enduring nature of our faith shines through, revealing the transforming power of God in our lives.

So, as a question to ponder, what do you currently persevere to allow God to build character in you for the dreams He dreams for you?

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