God is on point

Have you ever felt like some of your experiences in life were a big mistake?

Like you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well, guess what? That’s not the truth.

Nothing about who we are, is a mistake. God knew about everything before it even happened. He’s not caught off guard or surprised by anything. Not one day has He experienced hopelessness or despair about what’s going on in the universe.

He’s in complete control.

And get this, we’re not actually the result of some intimacy between our parents. Sure, they might have had us in mind when they were getting intimate, but God had us in mind long before that.

He knew that when they became intimate, we would be the result. He knew everything about us, even way before we were born.

So, although our parents might have missed God’s perfect will many times, they didn’t miss it when we were conceived.

They were instrumental in bringing us into the world, but they’re not our designers or creators. God is. He’s the one who planned our lives, designed them to bring glory and pleasure to Him. He’s the one who dreamed big dreams for our lives.

And let me tell you, those dreams are still alive and well.

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