God knows

As humans we got three ways we exist.

The first way is in God’s mind and heart. Before we even hit this earth, we were already in him. Maybe we don’t really think about that time as being alive, but we were definitely there, a product of his incredible and amazing mind.

Now, there’s a couple things we got to believe about God. First off, he is eternal. He’s been around for, like, forever, man. He didn’t just pop up yesterday or something. He was there even before time itself was created.

And the second thing we got to believe about him is that he knows everything.

He didn’t learn like us humans do. He already had all knowledge in him before anything was even made. He knew when the year 2000 was gonna hit, he knew when you were gonna be born, and he knew which family you were going to come into.

He knew all that and everything else way before he even said the first word to create the universe.

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