God wants you to choose well

Let me break this down for you.

So, our third mode of existence is basically when we go back to a spiritual existence like in the first mode, but this time it’s conscious. We’re aware, unlike our first state of existence, when we were in God and was oblivious about it.

It’s like we’re experiencing eternity with our glorified bodies, souls, and spirits.

We’ll be living in God’s presence, not just in his thoughts and heart. And get this, we’ll even rule with Christ at the side of God! Cool, right?

But it all depends on the choices we make while we’re on earth. If we chose Jesus as our Saviour, we’ll live forever in his presence and rule with him in the universe.

But if not, we’ll I don’t know as fact what will happen, but I rather not take chances here.

It’s a never-ending mode of existence, so choose wisely.

You are offered the best!

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