God is in on you

Okay, so the second way we exist is in our physical bodies on Earth.

We’re both physical and spiritual in this mode, unlike the first mode of existence which was just spiritual. Our spirits, which were hanging out with God in the first mode, get placed into bodies with souls in this second mode.

And we get to be humans, with all the ups and downs that come with that.

We’re here for a relatively short amount of time, usually around 70 to 80 years. If we’re lucky, we might make it to 90 or 100, but that’s pretty rare. During this time, we have a chance to fulfill God’s dreams for our lives.

Dreams that he’s had for us since the very beginning.

He wants us to achieve these dreams even more than we do! It’s his desire for everyone and everything he’s created.

This second mode of existence is also our chance to experience the amazing plans he made for our salvation. We get to make a choice during this time about whether we want to follow God or not. We choose whether we want to return to him like we were in the first mode, or if we want to go into eternity without him.

God thought it was important to leave that decision up to us, so we have to make the call.

But he’s made it possible for us to accept salvation through Jesus and return to him eternally.

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