Change and patience

Change is not something that just happens once and then it’s done.

It’s not like an incident, it’s more like a process. And this process is what gives life its power to keep moving forward and growing.

Everything around us is constantly changing – it’s a natural part of life. And this process of change is not something that happens in isolation. It’s all interdependent – we’re all in this together!

Now, we might not always have control over the natural changes that happen in our lives or those orchestrated by God, but we can definitely be an influence in the direction that these changes take.

The key to doing this is patience. Patience gives us the power to cultivate change and to understand that we’re not the ones in control – that’s up to God in his loving kindness.

So, if we want to understand the processes of change, we have to get rid of our control-centred mind-sets and replace them with a more patient, understanding approach.

Because at the end of the day, change is what keeps us all growing and becoming the best versions of ourselves!

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