God creates

Do you know that before we put anything into practice, our mind-set and perspective always shift first?

It’s true! We have to develop a new way of thinking about things in our minds before we can actually try it out in the real world. It’s important to feel safe and sure about what we’re doing before we take action. That’s why our thoughts always come before our actions.

We have to think about the ‘new’ inside of us before we can experience it ‘out there’.

The same principle applies to creating something.

It usually starts with a need.

When we need something, we start thinking about what we can create to fulfill that need. We have to identify or conceptualize the ‘thing’ that can fulfill our need before we actually create it. We establish the purpose of any product before we bring it to life.

It’s pretty amazing, right?

Creation actually happens twice – first in our minds and spirits, and then in our physical bodies.

This process was initiated by God when He created the heavens and the earth. He decided in His mind what He wanted, and then He spoke it into existence. He had a need to relate in a loving way with people, and that’s why He created us.

After He established our purpose, He created us to fulfill that need.

Crazy to think about it, but he really needs us.

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