Leaders seek closeness with God

When the Holy Spirit convicts us of the sin that separates us from our Heavenly Father, it is for the express purpose of restoring us to a state of intimate connection with Him.

The intention behind this conviction is not to increase our distance from God, but rather to draw us closer to Him. The Lord, in His infinite mercy, extends an invitation to return to Him, saying, “Come back, come back, I’m drawing you back. I know that the only thing that can restore you is the sacrifice My Son already made for us to be one.”

It is crucial that we grasp and fully embrace this distinction between conviction and condemnation. While the latter destroys, the former liberates. Some leaders trapped in a religious mindset may find it difficult to forgive themselves, particularly if they are struggling with an addiction of some kind. As someone who was previously ensnared by an addiction, I remain humble to this day when I reflect on my past experiences.

We should stand, lest we fall, we can fall from any level.

In the depths of my addiction, I experienced overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, and condemnation each time I succumbed to temptation. There were moments when I even contemplated taking my own life because I felt helpless and unworthy.

By the grace of God, I gradually came to realize that His purpose in convicting me was not to push me away from Him. Instead, His conviction was intended to lead me back to Him. It was never meant to make me feel bad about my sins, nor was it meant to reject me or make me feel unworthy.

On the contrary, God desired for me to return to Him, as it is only in Him that we find protection from the temptations and urges that can so easily ensnare us. Through His conviction, God was showing me that there was a way out.

And that way out was through Him alone. He is the Way.

So, as a question to ponder, what can help you realize that God still loves you when you have sinned?

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