You are who you are

Let’s talk about identity and how it all starts with what we think.

Our thoughts are the building blocks of our beliefs, and our beliefs ultimately shape who we are. So, if we want to change our lives, we need to change the way we think.

Our thought patterns are like habits that determine what we believe, and we have thousands of them. But what’s more important than what we believe is what we think. By developing a positive self-image, we can change our thinking and ultimately our beliefs.

So, it’s crucial to develop a clear understanding of who we are, not based on the opinions of others, but through the eyes of God.

Why God, you ask? Well, because He’s the only one who knows us fully – our true identities, and He created us wonderfully. Seeking Him is the journey of discovering who we really are, and it’s only then that we can experience the truth about ourselves.

Other people’s opinions about us can be deceptive and limited, because we are complex beings.

So, if we think we’re not valuable, we’ll end up believing just that. But if we seek God and let Him reveal our true worth, we’ll discover that we’re awesome beings with limitless potential.

And that’s the truth, my friend.

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