God cares

Okay, so picture this: I was in a pretty tough spot.

I’d been working for this company for almost five years and I hadn’t gotten a raise or a promotion. I was feeling pretty low, so I started looking for a new job. One day, I was driving home from an interview and I was feeling pretty down about the whole thing. I was even starting to get mad at God – I mean, if he really loved me, why wasn’t he helping me out?

And then something amazing happened.

God spoke to me.

He asked me how long I thought he’d been alive, and I told him that I thought he was eternal – that he’d always been around. Then he asked me if I believed that he knew everything, and of course I said, “Yes”. That’s when he hit me with something really profound.

He said, “If I’ve been around since the beginning and I know everything, then I must have known about your purpose on earth. Don’t you think I’m more concerned than you are to see my dreams for you come to life?”

And you know what?

He was right.

God cares so much more about our dreams than we do. He’s been carrying them around inside him for longer than we’ve even been alive! So why would he just leave us to our own devices?

He actually wants to see us succeed more than we do.

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